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Viagra sale online uk for men A new report by the UN says that there are 20.2 million people in Bangladesh who are need of food assistance, and one million children under the age of five are severely affected by the drought that continues to impact a vast swath of the country, particularly in Dhaka, Kolkata, Sylhet and other parts of northern central Bangladesh. An estimated 50 percent of the affected populations are children under the age of five, suffering from acute drought, and many have either lost access to resources or are experiencing a deterioration in the supply of drinking water. government has stepped in to provide safe drinking water through a program that distributes water to people using portable jerrycans through distribution centers and at mosques. The UN is calling on international donor community to provide $20 million address humanitarian needs. The situation in parts of country has also been intensified by two major storms that arrived late this month to reduce the amount of rain and thereby create more water stress. The UN is continuing to provide food assistance for the affected population, but it can be challenging to meet the needs of hundreds thousands families. Since the beginning of country's devastating drought in April, about 785,000 people have been displaced and living in temporary shelters or are at risk due to water scarcity. Many of those people are also facing a lack of access to safe drinking water and inadequate access to health care, sanitation, and schooling. Since the beginning of 2014, UN High Commissioner for Human Rights has visited 30 affected districts in south and central Bangladesh. While the reports of cases under-nutrition and severe malnutrition in the area is not new, they are increasingly concentrated in the urban areas. The UN also reported this week that almost one million children are at risk from severe acute malnutrition in Orlistat xenical canada the affected areas – a total increase of 100,000 children since the beginning of August. This is a significant increase over the 25,000 under-weight children who were estimated to face the same risk at beginning of August. Another 869,000 children are going to school with severe acute malnutrition, which is a dramatic increase from the 5,300 at risk for severe acute malnutrition in October 2013. Meanwhile, aid agencies say there has been a significant increase in both food aid and emergency assistance for food assistance, with the government providing an estimated $120 million in 2015 to food assistance programs. In response to the crisis, government has committed $12.9 million in support for humanitarian relief flood victims, $6.3 million for temporary housing, health care and education for the displaced, $8.2 million to strengthen health and education facilities in the affected areas. In addition, the government is also supporting several programs to assist the agriculture sector, with additional focus on improving fertilizer usage and ensuring that the farmers' income is being used for better agricultural production. In addition to providing additional crop insurance, the government recently announced that it is providing additional support to the private sector increase agricultural investment in areas where such is required. Get daily updates directly to your inbox Subscribe Thank you for subscribing See our privacy notice Could not subscribe, try again later Invalid Email In the early hours of Sunday morning (July 5), a 16-year-old boy was found lying motionless in the road unconscious, following a horrific assault in Doncaster. It is believed that the young man had been knifed five times in the head and face. His attacker has been described by police as Asian and aged between 15 19. He is in custody and police have now made the teenager available for a full interview with officers. Detective Inspector Andy Scott, from South Yorkshire Police, says that the incident was "senseless" and victim suffered a "devastating" assault which has left him struggling to come terms with the attack that occurred at 5.30am on Tuesday morning. The victim was walking in to a shop the Westgate neighbourhood of city with his 12-year-old friend when they were confronted by a group of four youths aged 16 to 18, at the junction of Doncaster road and Black Swan Street. He was confronted in the road by Mr. Scott, who arrived on the scene after hearing shouts from one of the youths. victim was stabbed five times, once in the front of head and once in the face Ornicure doxycycline kopen what is believed to have been a frenzied attack. As the victim lay motionless in road, he was stabbed the stomach and chest. Mr Scott, from South Yorkshire police, said: "This was a senseless act of violence on a young man who had no part in the attack but was absolutely left in no doubt as to the attack's senseless nature through his bleeding gums. "He is now extremely shocked by what took place. "I had hoped I would have to"

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